Tender Title: Cambuslang: Tools, locks, keys, hinges, fasteners, chain and springs | Publication Date: 2020-01-27 08:01:00 | Categories: 44500000

Tenders Direct from OJEU

Tender for Cambuslang: Tools, locks, keys, hinges, fasteners, chain and springs


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What to look for

All public procurement notices are published in a standard format, which should give you some key information to assist with your bid decision:

  • Name and details of contracting authority
  • Where to register and access the tender documents
  • Scope and descriptions of the procurement exercise
  • Place of performance
  • Estimated contract value
  • Contract duration and dates
  • Conditions for participation
  • Procedure for tendering and the submission deadline

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Complete Tender Coverage

EU directives regulating public procurement procedures ensures all contract opportunities expected to be over a certain value must be published in the OJEU (Official Journal of the European Union) in the interest of transparency, fairness and open competition.

Lower value opportunities below the EU thresholds are not published in the OJEU. However, 2015 reforms to the UK procurement process requires that all public sector opportunities over £10,000 are published on Contracts Finder.

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