The purpose of the contract is to appoint an assessment Content Partner who will deliver a service that generates, validates and maintains sufficient volumes of high-quality assessment content to support the national roll out of NAAS, scheduled to commence in spring 2020, and achieve its objectives.

The current assessment for NAAS is made up of 3 main parts and is based on the knowledge and skills statement (KSS) for child and family practitioners (ACFP) and child and family practice supervisors (ACFPS). The KSS are now post-qualifying standards. It includes:

— practice endorsement against the KSS/post-qualifying standards undertaken prior to the assessment: social workers will review their practice with their manager to decide, jointly, whether they are ready for assessment,

— knowledge assessment: an online assessment of multiple choice and multiple response questions based on general and applied social work knowledge and

— simulated practice assessment: two practice simulations, a reflective assessment and a written assessment.

The practice endorsement is undertaken within the local authority, as it is their judgement whether and when to put forward individuals for external assessment. The remaining parts of the assessment are undertaken by highly qualified and trained assessors.

We anticipate the core process for the generation, validation and maintenance of NAAS content to be in 6 stages:

1) Review and analysis of previously generated content, assessment methodology and content performance data,

2) Generation of new assessment content,

3) Validation of all content generated, including knowledge questions, simulated practice, reflective and written assessments,

4) Collation of test sets,

5) Preparation of content for assessment platform and transfer to the delivery partner,

6) Ongoing performance monitoring.