US_23081 - Facilities Management Services

Published: 15/11/2023

Deadline: 18/12/2023

Deadline: 15 days

Status: Open

Location of contract: South East

Value of contract: £170,000,000

The buyer: University of Sussex


The University of Sussex invites suppliers to respond to this opportunity for the provision of Facilities Management Services via a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) for a period of up to 10 years with services expected to commence on 1st July 2025.
Following a procurement process in 2013, the University of Sussex entered into a Joint Venture with a Facilities Management provider, which led to the creation of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP), called Sussex Estates and Facilities (SEF), for the purpose of delivering Total Facilities Management (TFM) to the University. The University is the majority shareholder with the remaining shares allocated to the FM provider.
The current contract expires on 30 June 2025 and the University is now seeking to re-tender on revised terms, for a Supplier who will:
• Become a Partner in the SEF LLP joint venture, with a minority shareholding
• Provide management services to SEF, as set out in the Corporate Administration and
Management Services Agreement
• Provide administrative services to SEF, including but not limited to Payroll, Procurement, HR
advice and other business functions, as set out in the Corporate Administration and
Management Services Agreement
The University has chosen a hybrid model of delivery for the future of its FM services with ten service lines to be delivered by SEF. Further details are provided below.

The current Facilities Management (FM) contract is delivered through Sussex Estates and Facilities (SEF), a Joint Venture owned by the University (majority shareholder) and the current partner, Mitie.
Sussex is seeking a Supplier who can ensure that SEF offers an excellent service quality and
value for money. This must be founded on high levels of innovation, the intelligent use of
technology and opportunities to capitalise on the benefits associated with working with an
external Supplier, including the willingness to bring investment on a ‘spend to save’ basis.
The FM Services agreement will be between the University and SEF, however it is the
Supplier's responsibility to manage and lead the SEF team to deliver the required level of
service in a cost effective manner.
Unlike the current contract, the University has chosen a hybrid model of delivery. Service lines to
be included in the new FM Services agreement are outlined below with further details provided in the Descriptive Document contained within the Procurement Pack.
• Facilities Management Services (including Event Management Services)
• Building Fabric, Mechanical & Electrical and Infrastructure Maintenance Services
• Cleaning Services
• Security Services
• Helpdesk Services
• Logistics Services
• Waste Services
• Transport Services
• Print and Reprographics Services
• Grounds Maintenance Services (including Sports Grounds and Pest Control)
The FM Services agreement covers all of the University’s Premises. This is predominantly on
the main campus in Falmer, with a smaller collection of buildings on other sites, in the centre
of Brighton and in Falmer Village itself.
The University has opted to use the Competitive Dialogue procedure to conduct this procurement. Additional information: The total turnover for SEF is currently estimated at c£170,000,000 over the 10 year contract period
Please note that this figure has been used for the purpose of populating the Estimated Value field in this Notice.
The estimated dividend to the Supplier based on the current shareholding of £35% is £800k - £1m per annum

Additional information

Use the following links to access information about the buyer, tender notice documents and further resources about this tender opportunity.

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  • Scope and descriptions of the procurement exercise
  • Place of performance
  • Estimated contract value
  • Contract duration and dates
  • Conditions for participation
  • Procedure for tendering and the submission deadline

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