Mental Health Recovery

Published: 27/01/2023

Deadline: 08/05/2028

Deadline: 1536 days

Status: Open

Location of contract: Yorkshire and The Humber

Value of contract: £20,000,000

The buyer: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council


The Council is seeking applications from experienced providers with the capability and capacity to deliver community mental health care and support in Rotherham.
A review of current mental health care and support provision in Rotherham indicates the need to improve the community service model to one which offers mental health recovery support personalised social care, with increased choice and control for people living with mental ill-health.
This new care and support model has been co-produced in partnership with people accessing services and their supporting professionals to inform the service design.
Such services will support people to achieve independent living skills, move towards, and sustain, independent living in the communities in which they live.

Aiming to harness the opportunities which exist in the wider care and support market, this Mental Health Recovery Flexible Purchasing System (FPS) will increase choice and improve outcomes for people living with mental ill-health in Rotherham.
Applicants can read the Cabinet Paper dated 17th October 2022 Commissioning Mental Health Recovery Focused Community Services - Rotherham Council which sought the approval for the procurement process to establish this FPS and procure a range of community services which reflect the principles of mental health recovery model.
The procurement exercise and subsequent ongoing procurement activity will be undertaken in line with the Social and Other Specific Services procedure (Light Touch Regime) in accordance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 (as amended) (“the Regulations”). The system is a Flexible Purchasing System (FPS) also known as a Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System.
It is anticipated that the Flexible Purchasing System will commence on 08/05/2023 and will run for a period of 60 months/5 years making the initial expiry date 07/05/2028. This period is an estimate only, the Council may continue to use the Flexible Purchasing System beyond that if it wishes to do so, subject to further Cabinet approval.
The FPS will comprise of a number of separate Lots. Each Lot will specify a community service (i.e., supported living accommodation-based services, day opportunities) with the principle of mental health recovery at its core.
Lots may be added at any point throughout the lifetime of the FPS and the application documentation will be updated accordingly. Applicants can apply to join one or more lots and can be successfully appointed to one or more lots subject to any updates to the rules published. There is no limited to the number of organisations that can be appointed to the FPS.
Whilst priority is being given to Lot 1, Mental Health Supported Living Accommodation Based Services, cost efficiencies achieved and any appropriate new investment allocated by the Department of Health and Social Care will be utilised to develop new community services (further Lots), tendered via this FPS and to be provided within the existing budgets.
The indicative spend activity to be generated via the FPS is in the region of £4m per annum, there is no new funding for developing the initiatives proposed in this report. The cost associated with this Flexible Purchasing System will be met within existing budgets currently set at £5.7m (2022-2023).
Work will be awarded on a direct award or further competition as detailed in the application documentation.
Organisations applying for this FPS must commit to supporting the Council's Social Value Policy and support this agenda by committing to deliver Social Value additionality as a result of the services commissioned via this FPS.
RMBC is acting as the lead authority to appoint providers for the provision of the services detailed in the application documentation. Applicants should also be aware that NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board is named as a Permitted Purchaser and may choose to access the Flexible Purchasing System and may create additional lots within the scope of Mental Health Recovery, without creating any obligation on behalf of them to do so. The Permitted Purchaser will be independently responsible for the award of their own contract, which may incorporate NHS Terms and Conditions.
Applicants must read the full application documentation pack before starting an application, the application pack can be downloaded free or charge via YORtender and searching for project number 60316.

The FPS will comprise of a number of separate Lots. Each Lot will specify a community service (i.e., supported living accommodation-based services, day opportunities) with the principle of mental health recovery at its core.
Initially the Council is seeking applications for Lot 1 - Supported Living - Accommodation Based.
There will be no limit to the number of providers who can be appointed to any Lot within the FPS.
All successful applicants appointed to any Lot will automatically be added to Lot Z - Miscellaneous Contracts Relating to Mental Health Recovery Services and will have the opportunity to take part in procurement activity which is not specifically linked to a particular Lot that already exists. Applicants are not required to submit an application for this Lot.
The Council will update the application documentation as and when new Lots are added.
Applicants will be able to access the application documentation at any point via YORtender.
The Council will download applications and undertake evaluation activity in what will be known as rounds, this evaluation process and frequency will be subject to the applications received and capacity and resource within the team, as a maximum it is envisaged applications will be evaluated every 6 months or sooner at the Council’s discretion.
Applicants must note this process seeks to appoint providers to the FPS only and carries no guarantee of any work awarded, commitment of expenditure, or volumes of activity with the appointed provider upon appointment. Any award of work will be subject to the completion of a direct award or further competition process.
Supported living is typically defined as housing where support and/or care services are provided to help people to live as independently as possible. Supported living provides people with individual tenancies. This means that they have a home of their own and will benefit from a greater level of autonomy as far as their environment is concerned (Source: Social Care Institute of Excellence).
The accommodation is often shared but can be single household and staff are shared across a number of people in the scheme with additional 1:1 support provided for individuals, based on their assessed eligible needs. Supported living is an alternative to institutional care for people living with mental ill-health and offers more choice, control, rights, and independence which is the primary motivation for proposing adoption of this model.
Supported living offers a high level of support for people for whom residential care would usually be the only viable alternative.
The strategic drivers to develop supported living include:
• reducing the use of high cost and long-term residential care,
• its strong preventative focus as it helps people to develop and maintain their independence in the longer term with links to, for example, training, employment, and volunteering. Additional information: The FPS will be established on the basis of an initial 5-year period; the system may continue beyond this date subject to further Cabinet approval, therefore the end date specified at II2.7 is provided as an indication only.

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