Tender Readying

Preparing you to win

Complete Tenders will help you get tender ready and into the proper position to beat your competitors. By expertly assessing your business to fully understand your ability to win a contract, we can maximise the probability of success.

Becoming a fully competent and proficient competitor takes time and effort. Each stage of the journey incorporates learning and building experience, with actions to improve to reach the next. Complete Tenders will start by reviewing where your business is and identifying any gaps in current capabilities in relation to your potential to win a contract. We will then set out actions, enhancements and strategies to move into a stronger and more competitive tendering position.

Next steps might be helping you to construct all the appropriate documents and policies associated with providing a compliant tender, developing better governance and quality assurance processes, or innovating some added value initiatives.

Through the lessons learnt of over 500 tender submissions, our understanding goes into assuring every customer succeeds in the long-run. Time preparing properly is never time-wasted.

Whether you are starting up or sharpening up, your tender preparation starts here by:

  • Sourcing good business-fit opportunities and becoming aware of the typical requirements
  • Building your experience and capability around your target audience
  • Establishing the right systems and processes that buying organisations want to see
  • Defining your value proposition clearly with focus on the benefits you’ll bring
  • Collecting better evidence of your service performance and positive outcomes
  • Implementing new technologies or innovations that will give you an edge
  • Considering the added values you can bring to the community
  • Focusing on 1 or 2 key areas at a time to improve specific scores

Once you have upskilled your business to match the typical requirements, you are ready to enter the competition stage. This is where the learning really begins and your investment in tendering can start to pay off. When a buyer has the confidence they can award a contract to you, all you need to do is show them why it should be you, rather than anyone else.

Tender Readying
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