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We are renowned for our end-to-end bid management consultancy.

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1000+ businesses use our open tenders directory to find their opportunities

Our expert bid consultants:

  • Find tenders and contract opportunities that are right for your business
  • Compare public sector tenders and private sector tenders
  • Manage procurement portals and tender sites
  • Search and shortlist tenders with efficient tracking services
  • Understand the tendering process and exactly what buyers are looking for
  • Access and review tender documents and identify the critical requirements
  • Advise on qualifying the bid and calculating your investment return
  • Help with tendering schedules, booking in and meeting the deadline
Tendering Quote

I have been using Complete Tenders services that support and develop organisations like mine since August 2017. Complete Tenders look out for any upcoming tenders that I can bid for. They have a good understanding of the services I provide and have tendered for 3 contracts that have all been successful. I have been dealing with Julian Quaife; he has excellent tender writing skills. The communication was fantastic even though we are based in Bradford. Julian would go above and beyond to ensure I was completely satisfied with the content and quality of the work produced. I value Julian’s expertise. I would recommend Complete Tenders to anyone that wants to provide services to Local Authorities.

Nazia Pervez, Pemberton Transitions Service Ltd

Helping you find contract opportunities

We will guide you through e-tendering, the procurement portals used by buyers and their notification processes, so that you can express interest and obtain invitations to tender.

We will help you to register your company, access and interpret the buyer’s tender documents and use the messaging interface so that you are kept fully informed throughout the tendering process.

Our cost-effective Personal Tender Tracker service will keep you on top of every contract opportunity in your market sector without blowing your business development budget. This is tailored to your specific needs and capabilities without the need to invest in lengthy keyword searches and inefficient tracking software.

Complete Tenders will do all the tender searching and shortlisting for you using our expert bid management experience, ensuring complete relevance and feasibility.

Find contract opportunities
Tender Evaluation

Qualifying the bid and calculating your investment return

Complete Tenders will perform diagnostics to maximise the probability of success.

Our team of experts ensure that your time and effort is not wasted by investigating the financial, operational and procedural costs and benefits – assisting you in judging whether to bid or not.

Our bid consultants will work with your business to identify your ability to provide a fully compliant bid with winning qualities and highlight any gaps in your tender documents; e.g. specific policies, procedures and registrations. Complete Tenders has extensive experience in bringing asset-light organisations up to full tendering capacity, using our expert knowledge of the required standards to help you understand and plan what it will take to get there.

Booking in and scheduling

Linked to your tracked opportunities, Complete Tenders will help you stay in control of all your open tenders so that you can manage tendering resources accordingly and meet deadlines.

With over 35 years’ in bid management, we have the experience to help plan your workload and coordinate multiple tenders successfully, from the moment an invitation to tender notice is received, to final submission.

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Tender Support Services for Small Businesses

As professional bid consultants, we are strongly focused on providing the right tendering services for your business. This means keeping an eye on the budget constraints that a smaller business may have, providing options and making sure that contract opportunities are viable.

We will tailor a perfect tendering service to suit your needs and your budget, offering flexible options that enable you to use your own resources wherever possible. Our bid consultants are dedicated to providing value that will ultimately develop your business and deliver an excellent return on investment.

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