Social Value in a Tender

Helping you to understand your social value commitments and to write winning answers in your tender response.

For any public sector contract, you will now need to make specific commitments and take action to achieve value that benefits the wider community.

Our social value experts will help you understand what this means for your business and answer those all-important social value questions within your tender response.

What is social value?

Social value is related to global and local issues that we all have the potential to influence, such as climate change, inequality and wellbeing. It is split into 3 key focus areas: social, economic and environmental. Increasingly, more importance is being placed on this topic within public sector procurement. Tender evaluation is no longer based on just quality and price, but now includes social value, typically 10% of the total marks available. As contract winners, you will have a duty (alongside the buying authority) to ensure that the contract delivers the maximum social value benefit for everyone and everything concerned in the short, medium and long-term.

Social Value in a Tender

Complete Tenders social value planning with the team at Sustainable X.

Social value models in tendering

There are two key frameworks often used to help buyers and businesses focus their efforts and achieve meaningful results - The Social Value Model, which is used by central government and the NHS, and National TOMS (Themes, Outcomes and Measures). More information on this can be found in our blog The Increasing Importance of Social Value in Tenders.

Social value answers in a tender

When it comes to answering the specific questions within the tender you are responding to, help is at hand. Our experienced tender writing and bid management consultancy can help you to:

  • Review social value themes, objectives and desired outcomes of the authority you are bidding to
  • Advise on social value best practice
  • Understand the potential social value commitments that can be made to meet the authority’s needs
  • Work with you to define your S.M.A.R.T. social value commitments and draft your contract-winning Social Value Action Plan (SVAP)
  • Help you to complete the buyer’s Social Value Evaluation on their preferred Social Value Portal
  • Draft your social value tender responses with the rest of a tender writing project
  • Calculate the costs and benefits of making your social value commitments – financially (e.g. cost savings), environmentally (e.g. less waste to landfill) and economically (e.g. jobs created)
  • Understand how to monitor, review, report and improve your social value actions throughout the year

The Complete Tenders approach to the support we provide is flexible and we can either coach your business to create compelling social value responses or provide a tender writing service to answer your social value tender questions for you. Our specialists will empower you to define your social value offering clearly and articulately through well-structured tender responses that align with the buyer's social value objectives.

With extensive knowledge and experience in winning tenders, we can also write, edit and proofread your social value responses so that they fully meet the specification, demonstrate best-practice and deliver social value that assures the buyer you will help them achieve their desired outcomes.

If you’d like to find out more about social value in tendering, here are some blogs that you may find useful:

Social Value in Tenders - Tackling Economic Inequality

The Increasing Importance of Social Value in Tenders

You can also watch our webinar with our friends at Sustainable X where we talked about 'Improving your social value and sustainability for tender success'.

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