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When competing to win contracts, it’s critical to know about new opportunities as soon as they become available, especially if they have a short application window. Our tender alerts ensure you don’t miss anything and keep you ahead of the competition.

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Tender Alerts – keeping you in the know

When you sign up to our Open Tenders Access account and select your search categories, you will automatically sign up to receive daily tender alerts straight to your inbox.

These tender alerts give you an overview of the tenders in your chosen sector(s) that have just been published (usually within 24 hours) with the option to click on the notice and read all the related tender information immediately.

Our tender alerts also enable you to see which contracts are coming up (pipeline information) and when contracts have recently been awarded (and to whom) so you are fully in tune with what’s happening within your industry.

Tender Alerts – tailored to you

With thousands of opportunities open at any one time, the last thing you want to do is spend time sifting through them all to find the ideal one for your business. With our Open Tender Access account, you select the sector or sectors you are interested in from 30+ categories and your daily tender alerts will shortlist and consolidate a list for you. These relevant and timely alerts will allow you and your business to keep on top of the opportunities and ensure your bid team have as much time as possible to create a contract-winning response.

To start receiving daily tender alerts direct to your inbox sign up to your Open Tenders Account today.

Tender Alerts
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