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Where to start?

One of the most difficult tasks is to sift through the extensive material and recognise the tender you want and can successfully bid for.

Transport covers a vast range of products and services including

Consequently, you may have to read through several transport tender specifications to find one that is relevant to your business and appropriate to the level of experience you have. Ensuring you have an efficient system to sort through information and make an informed decision to tender will help achieve a much better return on your tendering investing.

Tender top tips

Top tips for winning contracts in the transport sector

1. Read the tender documents

Read the tender documents carefully before you start to make sure you understand what the tenderer really wants and then establish whether you can really fulfil those needs. You will need to provide evidence on how you have succeeded before.

2. Managing your journeys

If you provide services in relation to transporting people or goods, you will need to have a good process for managing your journeys. How do you coordinate them? What technology do you use? How is your system efficient and will it save money? How will you provide the assurances the buyer is looking for that you will be on time? What evidence can you provide to back up your solution?

3. Evidence is key

Evidence is also key for services in relation to transport consultancy as this is where the buying organisation is looking externally for expertise. You will need to demonstrate previous experience that is relevant to the project or service being tendered.

4. Consider your experience

Consider the experience of your team and create project based CV’s so that you have this information to hand and can drop their relevant experience into the transport tender as appropriate. Use case histories and testimonials to provide supporting evidence.

5. Demonstrate a robust quality of service

Make sure you can demonstrate a robust quality of service. Transport buyers are looking for outstanding quality and performance standards. So, demonstrate how you can track and monitor your service. What management information and reporting systems are in place?

6. Understanding the buyer

Read through the transport tender questions properly to ensure you have a good understanding of what the buyer is looking for. If you are not sure, ask the buyer for clarification through the official procurement portal. Leave out irrelevant information.

7. Use relevant case histories

Use relevant case histories, experiences and testimonials to provide the evidence and the assurance that the buyer needs. Always try to include facts, names, dates, results and previous outcomes to back up your tender responses.

8. Answer all of the questions

Don’t leave any questions blank – if it’s not there the evaluator can’t give you any marks! If you’re struggling to answer something or can’t demonstrate a requirement, consider how a competitor might answer it first.

Transport Tender Quote

We had been asked by a customer to tender for a bulk haulage contract we were already providing, the current arrangement was coming to an end and it was a large part of our existing business. Not having done many tenders before, we needed help to prepare the right material and answer over 500 technical questions! Most importantly, we needed to fight off our competitors to re-win the contract for the next couple of years. We had heard about Complete Tenders reputation through a colleague and we contacted them for help. Their service was highly professional; both Julian, Matthew and their team got to grips with our transport and logistics operation quickly, they helped us understand the requirements and what our customer was really looking for in our tender. Although the questionnaire was lengthy and very complex, they communicated everything to us throughout and produced excellent answers in a short timeframe. Thanks to Complete Tenders, we were able to show the customer that Mayling Transport were still the best service provider on offer and beat some much larger companies in the process. We won the contract and look forward to winning the next one!

Alan Mayling, Mayling Transport

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Bid management and tender writing are specific skills and it is important that you have the time, commitment and expertise to do it properly. You need to appoint someone to ‘own’ the bid and then pull in specialists to answer the specific needs. The document needs to answer the questions but also put across your services in a positive way which highlights why you will be the best provider.

Create winning transport tender drafts, documents and supporting evidence with the help of our senior tender writing specialists. Our team of experts have an outstanding success rate in creating winning responses to transport tenders, winning contracts for businesses across the UK.

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