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Electrical Charging Vehicles – a market for growth!

Thursday 21 January, 2021

How to make the most of the drive to electrical charging vehicles

Did you know that according to DNV GL’s Energy Transition Outlook 2018 forecast that by 2033, half of all global vehicle sales will be electrical charging vehicles, with Europe expected to reach this milestone in 2027! Further insight from Emu Analytics shows that in the next few years there will be 1 million electric vehicles in the UK, with 9 million by 2030 (25% of all vehicles) on the road). And, with government intentions to ban the production of petrol and diesel cars from 2040, it’s fair to say that this is a market that is set to explode.

Electrical contracts and tender opportunities don’t only come in the production of the cars themselves, where companies like Tesla are leading the way, but in the support infrastructure around the electrical vehicles and especially Electrical Vehicle Charging Points.

According to EDF energy there are currently 30,000 Electrical Vehicle Charging Points across the UK. Given the number of vehicles expected to be electric by 2030, it would seem that this number has to grow both in terms of offering residential charging points, community charging points and charging points within the workplace.

The UK government are backing this transition to Electrical Charging Vehicles by supporting with LEAs (Local Education Authorities) with grants to part-fund (75%) of the capital costs relating to the procurement and installation of on-street vehicle charging points in residential areas. As costs are then covered, these tenders place much higher focus on quality.

With this in mind, here’s our top tips for being successful in tendering for electrical vehicle charging contracts:

1. Ensure you have an effective system in place to identify the opportunities available

With the number of open opportunities for electrical charging vehicles infrastructure support on the rise, it is absolutely crucial that you have a system in place to find and shortlist the plethora of new electrical vehicle charging tender opportunities to ensure you are not missing out.

There are many tools available that can automatically track the market and quickly capture and filter tender opportunities based on your chosen industry keywords and phrases, so that you end up with a list of compatible opportunities. Our Open Tenders Account does just this and also sends email alerts each day there’s new electrical opportunities so that you can get a head-start over your competitors.

2. Build a relationship with your local authority

Many of these contracts will be awarded by local authorities so it’s important you understand their objectives, constraints and working environment to ensure you can address these and maximise the chances of a cohesive partnership moving forward. Try to work with your own local authority as much as you can; go to supplier engagements and local business networking events to keep as close as you can to the hot-topic discussions on the electric vehicle agenda. This information will help you provide better proposals, not just to that authority, but to take it to other local authorities that have similar needs and are procuring similar services.   

3. Understand the funding infrastructure

There is a lot of funding around from different channels to support the migration to electric vehicles, so get familiar with what funding is available and the impact this could have on your submission, each local authority may well have a different approach.

At present the UK government has committed to spending £400 million to support electrical vehicle charging sector, so understanding what is available and what the grant covers can impact your ability to deliver a financially compelling bid.

When this blog was published, the Energy Saving Trust had detailed the councils who had so far been successful in applying for funding, this list can be found here. It would be a good idea to keep an eye on this list to see who else is being added. The Energy Saving Trust also provide more information on the working of these grants, this information can be accessed via this website link

4. Demonstrate your experience

This is still a relatively new area, despite the fact that electric vehicles have been around for decades (we all remember the sound of the milkman’s cart going down the road). If you have experience in this area, document it (particularly what exactly you have delivered and the positive outcomes is has resulted in) and ensure those you have supplied have given you a testimonial. If you don’t have direct experience within this arena, what transferrable skills, training and experience can you showcase.

5. Ensure you illustrate your ability to grow

With this market growing and that not expected to stop anytime soon, confirm your intentions to grow and how. This will enable the procurement team to see how you can meet their demands, now and in the future. Do you have a business plan to support your growth aims? Do you have a business continuity plan to support you if growth does not go to plan?

6. Display a thorough understanding of the market

As this market grows and evolves, new, innovative ways of delivery will come to fruition so be a leader in this area. How can you ensure what you supply is more superior today and in the long term for your buyers.?

It will be key to stay on top of these developments as well as your own service delivery to demonstrate your market understanding.

What processes do you have in place to capture this information? Do you have a system to keep abreast of the latest market information? How do you maintain records of what you have delivered? Is your MIS fit for purpose?

If you don’t feel confident in your current processes take the time to improve them.

Then, as a market leader in this area, share your thoughts, experience and case studies to re-enforce your position.

7. Become an Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme authorised installer

In order to access funding and be a viable competitor for Electric Vehicle Charging Points you will need to become an authorised installer. This is run by the government and more information can be found here.

Here at Complete Tenders we specialise in helping SME’s through the tender process. Our website is full of useful information to guide you. If you are looking for more specific information feel free to give us a call on 01707 244713 or email us at

AUTHOR: Matthew Smith - Managing Director - Complete Tenders

Matthew is a Bid Management Expert, Experienced Tender Writer and Tendering Process Professional.

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