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Plans, Policies and Procedures to win Council Contracts

Plans, Policies and Procedures to win Council Contracts 

Monday 20 May, 2024

To successfully bid for and win a council contract, your business will need to establish and demonstrate a range of documents, plans, policies, and procedures that align with the specific requirements of the council and the nature of the procurement. This may vary by council and by contract however, we have detailed some of the key themes we come across on a regular basis below to help you get started, ahead of your bid submission. 

Areas to consider: 

1) Financial Stability and Management 

  • Financial Statements: You will be required to share recent statements proving your financial health and stability, make sure you have this up to date and accessible. 

  • Insurance: Ensure you have adequate levels of insurance, such as public liability, professional indemnity, and employers' liability insurance. 


2) Quality Management  

  • Quality Management System (QMS): A certified QMS, such as ISO 9001, demonstrating your commitment to maintaining quality in your operations may be required for some contracts. 

  • Service Delivery Plans: You will need to provide detailed plans showing how you will manage and deliver the contract. 


3) Health and Safety  

  • Health and Safety Policy: A clear and current Health and Safety policy will be required. 

  • Risk Assessments and Method Statements: Documents showing how risks are assessed and managed in your operations may need to accompany your health and safety policy. 


4) Environmental Management  

  • Environmental Policy: You may be required to demonstrate your commitment to environmental management, possibly backed by ISO 14001 certification 

  • Sustainability Practices: There is increasing demand for businesses to not just provide a good service, at a good price but to also ensure it thinks of its broader environmental impact. Information on sustainable practices like waste management, energy use, and resource conservation may be requested. 

  • Carbon Reduction Plan (CRP): This is a declaration of your commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050 (or earlier if you choose), details of your carbon emissions and information about the initiatives you have in place, or have already undertaken in order to reduce your emissions and progress to Net Zero. Many buyers are now insistingg on this so check if it’s required. 


5) Equality and Diversity  

  • Equality and Diversity Policy: You may be asked to share your policy showing that you adhere to the latest equality and diversity legislation, ensuring no discrimination and promoting diversity. 

  • Staff Training Records: It may be a requirement of you to provide documentation of training provided to staff on equality and diversity issues. 


6) Data Protection  

  • GDPR Compliance: Ensure you have any necessary policies and procedures that demonstrate compliance with GDPR, ensuring the protection and confidential handling of personal data. 


7) Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery  

  • Business Continuity Plan: It is often essential to share strategies that ensure your business can continue operations under adverse conditions. 

  • Disaster Recovery Plan: Procedures for data and operational recovery in case of a disaster may also be needed. 


8) Social Value and Corporate Responsibility  

  • Community Engagement Plans: Demonstrating how your business adds value to the community can be supported by these plans which the council could request to see. 

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy:  You may be asked specifically about how your business addresses its social, economic, and environmental impacts. 


9) Anti-Bribery and Corruption  

  • Anti-Bribery Policy: Sharing of your policy, that complies with the UK Bribery Act, including training and compliance measures, may be a requirement 


10) Information Security  

  • Information Security Policy: You may be asked to share the measures you have in place to protect the integrity and privacy of information, possibly supported by ISO 27001 certification. 


11) Supply Chain Management  

  • Supplier Management Procedures: It may also be a requirement to share how you manage your suppliers to ensure they meet all required standards and regulations. 


12) Professional Accreditations and Licenses  

  • Relevant Accreditations: Any industry-specific certifications or licenses necessary for providing the service or product within the contract may need to be provided. 


Understanding what plans, policies and procedures you need, and preparing these documents and ensuring they are comprehensive and up-to-date is crucial. They not only demonstrate your business's capability and reliability but also compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, significantly boosting your competitiveness in council procurement processes. 


If you need help with any of these plans, policies or procedures get in touch

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