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Social Value in Tenders – Health and Wellbeing 

Monday 22 April, 2024

Following on from our previous blogs 'The Increasing Importance of Social Value in Tenders', Social Value in Tenders - Tackling Economic Inequality, and Social Value in Tenders – Fighting Climate Change this blog further explores the theme of health and wellbeing.  

Health and wellbeing are increasingly recognised as essential elements of social value in public tenders. For organisations, investing in health not only promotes a healthier workforce but also translates into higher productivity and reduced absenteeism. Public sector buyers view these factors favourably as they align with wider governmental objectives like reducing healthcare costs and enhancing community health standards. In essence, focusing on these areas can make a substantial difference in both the community and the workplace. 

Health and wellbeing considerations 

When we talk about health and wellbeing in the context of social value, we are considering how actions taken by organisations and governments can have direct and meaningful impacts on the physical, mental, and social health of individuals and communities. These might involve actions around mental health, physical health initiatives, or community health programmes.  

  • Physical Health 

You can contribute to the physical health of your employees and the wider community by implementing programs that promote healthy lifestyles, prevent illness, and manage chronic health conditions. This might include initiatives like providing fitness facilities, organising wellness programs, or offering health screenings. These efforts not only improve the quality of life for individuals but can also reduce healthcare costs and increase productivity, creating economic benefits that ripple through society. 

  • Mental Health 

Mental health is increasingly recognised as being just as important as physical health. In the context of social value, promoting mental health can involve providing support systems such as counselling services, stress management workshops, and flexible working arrangements that help maintain work-life balance. Addressing mental health in the workplace and the community helps in reducing stigma, lowering rates of mental health issues, and improving overall job satisfaction and productivity. 

  • Community Health 

Community health refers to the well-being of the wider community in terms of its ability to create and maintain relationships that help individuals thrive. This can be supported by creating inclusive and supportive environments in workplaces and communities, fostering social connections, and engaging in community development projects. Community health initiatives might include outreach programs, social events, and support networks that enhance the social fabric of a community. 

Incorporating health and wellbeing in your tender response 

To effectively integrate health and wellbeing into your tender response you should: 

  • Develop Clear Policies: Clearly articulated health and wellbeing policies show commitment and readiness to implement meaningful programmes. 

  • Showcase Existing Initiatives: If your organisation already engages in health-promoting activities, highlight these in your response to demonstrate capability and experience. 

  • Plan Specific Commitments: Outline detailed plans and commitments you aim to implement if awarded the contract, including timelines and expected outcomes. 

Utilising innovative and evidence-based approaches, such as leveraging health technology or incorporating data analytics to monitor health outcomes, can also make your tender stand out. 

Here are some examples of what our clients have done to bring these ideas to life and may help stimulate ideas for how you can support your workforce:  

  • training 9 mental health first aiders over the period of the contract 
  • ensuring 95% of managers have received Suicide Prevention Training by year 3 of the contract 
  • 3 years of funding for a Menopause Support Plan 
  • ensuring 75% of colleagues attend wellbeing assessments each year 

Be sure to make your response personal to your business but try to align with the buyer’s initiatives where possible.  

The importance of looking at these areas cannot be underestimated. With up to 10% of marks being awarded based on what your business is doing around social value, and health and wellbeing falling into this, you must have a robust plan in place. By working on these commitments, you will also contribute significantly to building a healthier, more productive society. 

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