Save time with our Personal Tender Tracker service

Focus your time on the tenders that are right for you and avoid the painful searching.

Save time with our Personal
Tender Tracker service

There are over 20,000 open tenders at any one time

How long does it take you to trawl through these to find the ones that are just right for your business?

Let us do the searching for you with our tender services, so you can spend your time focusing on the most suitable bids.

Talk to us about your specific tender criteria

For example:

  • Geographic area
  • Size of business
  • Industry specialisms
  • Contract value
  • Length of contract
  • NHS, Local Authority, Cleaning, Transport etc
  • And every other detail that might be relevant

Then for just £80 per month our consultants will compile a personal spreadsheet of the most suitable tenders in the UK that meet your requirements. And they will send it direct to your inbox as part of our tender notification service.

We will then be on hand if you need to discuss how you take the next steps to tender. Our personal tender tracker service will keep you on top of every contract opportunity in your market sector without blowing your business development budget. This is tailored to your specific needs and capabilities without the need to invest in lengthy keyword searches and inefficient tracking software.

Complete Tenders will do all the tender searching and shortlisting for you using our expert bid management experience, ensuring complete relevance and feasibility.

So if you want to focus your time on the right tenders and avoid the painful searching, subscribe today. Fine tuning your tenders in advance will help you achieve a much better return on investment.