Bid Management Services

Our team of experts are uniquely positioned to give consultancy customers an end-to-end tender experience that maximises their return on investment and enables significant business growth.

We help you manage your resources and your tender workload effectively to produce outstanding results.


Designed to:


  • Prepare your business for tendering to win contracts
  • Create and develop a tender writing library
  • Manage procurement portals and tender sites
  • Provide tender writing feedback with lessons learnt
  • Monitor bid management performance with feedback for improvement
  • Help write presentations, implementation handovers and contract award briefs

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Our consultants have been winning contracts for over 35 years.

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Creation and development of a bid library

With 35 years’ bid management experience, Complete Tenders will help you save your most convincing tender documents and responses in an easily retrievable format, creating a library from which you can easily access the material you need to embark on your next tender.

In this way, you will begin to build up your own capacity to prepare winning tenders.

Feedback, analysis, lessons learnt and performance improvement – Post Tender

Following contract award, Complete Tenders will help you evaluate your tender scores.

We will guide you through the debrief process to gain a full insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your tender that will inform ‘lessons learnt.’

Linked to your individual tender projects, our performance evaluation tool will capture the combined success rate and monitor the long-term bid management of your business for continuous improvement and greater assurance of future success.

Bid Management Services for Small Businesses

Our tendering process is flexible to support businesses of all sizes, in every market sector.

That being said, we work extensively with small businesses to prepare them for tendering, allowing them to win their first major contract.

Our business review will identify any gaps in your current capability and suggest enhancements and strategies to move your business into a strong and competitive tendering position. Our team of experts can also help you construct all the appropriate documents and policies you’ll need to provide a compliant tender.

As professional bid consultants, we are strongly focused on providing the right tendering services for your business. This means having an eye on the budget constraints that a smaller business may have, providing options and making sure that contract opportunities are viable.

We listen to small business clients and develop long-term relationships that ultimately ensures mutual success.


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We tailor our bid management service to suit your needs and your budget, providing flexible options that enable you to use your own resources whenever possible. Our team of consultants are dedicated to providing value that will ultimately develop your business and deliver an excellent return on investment.

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