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Tender for Virtual Learning Environment


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Closing date: 12 June 2017

Contract summary


Computer and Related Services, Technology and Equipment

Location of contract


Value of contract

Published date

12 May 2017

Closing date

12 June 2017

Contract start date

15 August 2017

Contract end date

15 August 2022


The aim of this project is to identify the best of breed Virtual Learning Environment for use at the University of Huddersfield.

The objectives of the project are to demonstrate that a VLE is:
o Fit for purpose (i.e. supporting high quality, imaginative teaching and learning)
o Represents good value compared to competitor offerings
o Able to integrate effectively with existing University IT systems (particularly ASIS, Scientia and Active Directory)
o Furnished with the breadth and quality of additional tools available (blogs, wikis, e-portfolios, etc)
o Able to accommodate Innovative use of current and emerging technologies i.e. social media integration
o Demonstrating the functionality, flexibility and accessibility we require moving forward
o Classed as ‘best of breed’
o Showcasing an up-to-date, interactive user interface and is appealing to use from an academic and student perspective
o Able to scale as demand grows and can maintain a robust and reliable service without incurring excessive additional costs

About the buyer

Contact name

Claire Gunton


University of Huddersfield
United Kingdom





Other information


Additional information on how to apply for this contract


Is a Recurrent Procurement Type? : No

How to apply

Please apply directly to the buyer using the contact details provided

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Closing date: 12 June 2017

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