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All about Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems

If you’ve spent any time looking for tenders, you’re likely to have come across the terms Framework and Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and if you’re really lucky Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System! So what exactly are they and why should you…
Tendering Process

13 steps to make your business ‘tender ready’

So, you want to start tendering for public sector work but you’re not sure whether your business is in good enough shape to take the plunge.
Open Tenders

The impact of a no-deal Brexit on searching for tender opportunities

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, there will be an impact on how public sector procurements are advertised, and therefore how to go about searching for them. The exact details are not yet finalised, but the following summarises what…

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7 Reason You Won a Tender

Success! After a few (or maybe several) attempts at winning a tender, you successfully beat the competition and came out on top. But why? What were the reasons that made your bid better than the competition, or better than your…
Matthew Smith