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All about Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems

If you’ve spent any time looking for tenders, you’re likely to have come across the terms Framework and Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and if you’re really lucky Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System! So what exactly are they and why should you…
Bid management, NHS contracts

How to win NHS contracts

If you have outstanding products and services that are recognised elsewhere, demonstrating their benefits to the NHS can prove very difficult. You may even have had tender success with other public and private sector organisations, but an NHS contract remains…
Tendering Process

13 steps to make your business ‘tender ready’

So, you want to start tendering for public sector work but you’re not sure whether your business is in good enough shape to take the plunge.

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Online Tenders – how to get it right!

Most tenders are now submitted via an online portal rather than by email or post. However, buying organisations don’t all use the same one and inevitably, there are now a myriad of procurement portals, all of which are navigated slightly…
Matthew Smith

How to win a dental tender

As a dentist, endodontist, orthodontist or other specialist dental services provider, a key part of your business growth strategy could be to win an NHS dental tender, for a new specialist service, or re-tender for an existing NHS contract that…
Matthew Smith

Winning a Catering Tender

If you’re the owner of a catering business, you’re probably on the lookout for ways to grow your business and increase your market share. One way to develop your business is by winning a public sector catering tender.There are a…
Matthew Smith