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Waste Management & Recycling tenders

Waste Management & Recycling Tenders

Waste Management & Recycling tenders and contracts added hourly to the Complete Tenders directory. Waste Management & Recycling contracts are UK wide and cover sub categories such as Sewage Services, Refuse & Waste Collection & Recycling, Toxic & Contaminated Material Testing & Disposal, Environmental Management & Services.

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Waste Transfer and associated Transport

Deadline: 767 days

Published: 27/03/2017

Waste Management, Refuse & Recycling Tenders in the UK

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The Waste Management sector covers a multitude of different services, including:

  • Waste Disposal
  • Clinical & Hospital Waste
  • Recycling Services
  • Recycling Containers
  • Sewage Waste Tankering
  • Confidential Waste Destruction & Disposal
  • Waste Treatment
  • Gully Waste Services
  • Asbestos Removal
  • White Goods Disposal
  • Technology Waste
  • Food Waste

The waste management sector has expanded greatly due to environmental and global issues. Competition for waste management contracts has increased, Complete Tenders provide an extremely successful Tender Writing service producing contract-winning responses.

How to win waste management tenders

The most important consideration when tendering for waste management contracts is the quality of your submission.

Whether you provide bespoke clinical waste disposal and destruction or general waste recycling services, buyers will want to understand how you can meet their requirements and provide value for money.

  1. Always read the tender documentation thoroughly and isolate any gaps in the criteria to develop a strategy to fill those gaps with a competent and cohesive approach.
  2. Work through the PQQ in detail to answer all questions. Waste management services require a number of licences and insurances as well as other accreditations.
  3. Use your experience to write a thorough submission, align case studies to the waste management tender opportunity.
  4. Build a portfolio of waste management testimonials from existing clients.
  5. Provide an expansive breakdown of your Service Level Agreement (SLA). Align this agreement to the contract opportunity and include reporting procedures.
  6. Provide an accurate explanation of your organisation’s chain of contract management and delivery.
  7. Explain what makes your waste management company different, play to your strengths, convince the buyer that your submission is the best choice.
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